Friday, December 17, 2010

Got Geeks to Buy For?

Ideas! [BLONG: stop right here and go back to Reddit]

BoingBoing's Gift Guide

I09 Gift Guide

Weather Station -- Geeks love to contribute data -- and obviously Wunderground is an awesome site

Wardrobe refresh a la Einstein (what, your geek wears more than orange, blue, and green t-shirts?)

Wikipedia Support

Finally, don't forget to check their Amazon Wish List :) Please add ideas in the comments! Um, unless your geek partner also reads this blog.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Signed, the Reluctant Hippie

Friends. It has come to my attention that I am slowly, but surely, turning into a hippie.

Facts in Evidence:

*I recently got so desperate to keep healthy that I started taking Chinese Herbs (not working).

*I ordered a CSA Produce Box, which delivers local farm produce to my door twice a month. Wait--which am I, an elitist or a hippie?

*I made bath salts for people for Xmas. With recycled (from my fridge) jars. What's that--Hippies don't buy Vlasic pickles from Safeway? Shut up and take your bath.

*I am coming online to blog in the first time in over a year to tell you all about a recipe for KALE CHIPS. I know! You just spit your beer out. But--keep an open mind (hippie!)!

Let me ask you this: Do you like brussels sprouts? Roasted, crunchy, caramelized brussels sprouts with lots of salt? OK then, you will like kale chips, because that's what they taste like. Yeah, yeah, it sounds like something moms from Marin with kids named after Jazz greats feed their kids in lieu of Cheetos. And I will admit that I only made them because I have a shitload of kale from aforementioned farm box, and you can only make so many soups with it. But--they really are good so I wanted to share this with you great people.

So please, enjoy responsibly and laugh if you will, but remember that it's San Francisco. I'm surrounded by the most progressive people in the country, and I'm practically a Reaganite here. I voted for Sit Lie, after all.

Also, I'm back to blogging. You can also follow me at the Justia Blog, where I post every Friday about lawyer stuff.

[Image credit: Brookfield Farm Crops, where you can find other delicious Kale recipes]