Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Who's Your Nabby?

A scrappy hottie from Chino, you say? SI has a hilarious, and oddly accurate, photo montage comparing NHL stars with their lookalike Hollywood Stars.

I was just as happy to see Nabby compared to Ryan from the OC as I was to see the Flames' captain Jarome Igninla compared to Mike Tyson. In Mike's defense, he still has his real teeth.

And, hai, Marco Sturm and Adam Sandler! Awesome. But Big Joe and Rhys Ifans? What the fuck is a Rhys Ifans? Dude, we do not compare hockey players to British actors. Note I am resisting another teeth joke. I hate to be redundant.

In case you don't follow hockey [hmmm, Trimbo?], you should know that the Sharks finally closed the deal in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals last night. Get ready, Dallas. With the dude from Napolean Dynamite on as center, you're sure to give it up in 4.

Source: Sports Illustrated via Defamer.