Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out

Hey--that could be you!!

NCWHL is hosting Give Hockey a Try Day, an annual event where players donate the use of their gear for a game so other women can try out the sport. We have coaching, skating lessons, and a scrimmage.

And, obviously kidding about the fighting. We are an all women, no check recreational league. Instead we fight about what the logo should look like, who gets to be on what team, and who takes the best notes at the board meetings.

See you on the ice, girls!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Running Sucks Less

I got a lot of reactions to that last post to the effect of . . .quit whining. Totally on point. I think was in a lot of pain and kind of frustrated when I posted.

It turns out that I had a sprained/turned/busted ankle, which was causing said pain when I ran. I took a week off, let it heal, and then got back into the grind. It's getting better now--I am doing a 12 minute mile and I can go for 30 minutes, or 2.5 miles, at a stretch. I think managing expectations is key here--giving yourself 5 minute or quarter-mile goals.

Last week I got some advice from my friend Heidi, who runs. She told me that I won't understand the point of running until I get the high. She also told me that it's about distance, not speed. Unless, of course, you're a competitive lawyer, and then obviously its about both. Right. I wouldn't know a thing about that, as I sit here typing up a post about my progress so you all won't think I'm a total loser.