Friday, June 20, 2008

Running Sucks Less

I got a lot of reactions to that last post to the effect of . . .quit whining. Totally on point. I think was in a lot of pain and kind of frustrated when I posted.

It turns out that I had a sprained/turned/busted ankle, which was causing said pain when I ran. I took a week off, let it heal, and then got back into the grind. It's getting better now--I am doing a 12 minute mile and I can go for 30 minutes, or 2.5 miles, at a stretch. I think managing expectations is key here--giving yourself 5 minute or quarter-mile goals.

Last week I got some advice from my friend Heidi, who runs. She told me that I won't understand the point of running until I get the high. She also told me that it's about distance, not speed. Unless, of course, you're a competitive lawyer, and then obviously its about both. Right. I wouldn't know a thing about that, as I sit here typing up a post about my progress so you all won't think I'm a total loser.

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