Saturday, March 3, 2007

Read before you sign

Looks like our embattled mayor went from paying a little too much attention to his staffers to none at all. Today's Chron reports that a proclamation naming February 23 "Colt Studios Day" in honor of a successful gay porn outfit here in the city slipped in under the mayor's radar.

It's pretty ridiculous, but is it really any more so than the other "official days" we have here in the city? September 14th is AT&T's Your World, Your Language Day, January 24-30 is Zinfandel Appreciation Week (I bet that one was hard to get mayoral approval for), and then there's Shreve Jewelry Company Day, and my personal favorite, Steven J. Backman the Toothpick Artist Day. It appears that all you need to have a day named after you is a business presence in the city and some pull with your local supervisor. We've got a thriving porn industry and a large gay community, why wouldn't those interests have the clout to get a day named after them?

The usual conservative idiot brigade has jumped all over this news item, with my favorite hater Bill O'Reilly using it as further proof that we are the modern day "Sodom and Gomorrah." I'm guessing that the pro-business model only extends so far--long distance services and jewelry stores can lobby the local government for recognition, but not porn production. Or maybe he's just worried that the rise in pornography will lead to more sexual harassment.

UPDATE: SFist has a hilarious list of their own proposed SFDays. My favorite is Fuck Bill O'Reilly Day. They
don't come out with the "Fuck," but of course I do.

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