Friday, March 21, 2008

How to Stop the Examiner

Finally! Contact information to stop the Examiner from trespassing on your property with their unread crap landfill fodder:


The only good thing about having these goddamn papers cluttering up the sidewalks is that you can use them for emergency dog shit receptacles. I'll just have to carry more blue plastic bags now (thanks, Supes).


Trimbo said...

Yeah, this plastic grocery bag ban just encourages shopping in nearby towns. The good news is that Safeway is less crowded. The bad news is that these paper bags suck.

Viva la Daly City Safeway!

Stan's Computer said...

I'm in Alexandria, and hadn't received an Emergency Dogs*** Disposal Kit for 6 months. I was wondering if Examiner decided to stop harassing people. Then I found out why...

Alexandria enacted a Model Newspaper Delivery Law March, 2009.

Alexandria Model Newspaper Delivery Law

Text of the law is at

Alexandria City Code 91-14 (.pdf)