Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Saving Calories and Money

Margie and I were talking about cheap wine today. Trying to be calorie conscious, we are both cutting back on the alcohol. . .which for me means 1 glass per day, and for M considerably less [comment was made that she and I drink the same amount when I am pregnant. ahem.]

So you need to buy cheap when you are drinking less, because you don't want to waste an expensive bottle by having only 1 glass of it. I can usually stretch the bottle two days by using the storage vacuum pump, but after that the wine's toast.

Which leads me to my latest finds:

Bandit Pinot Grigio from Three Thieves: Yes, it's technically in a box. Get over it. This is NOT FRANZIA! Bandit comes in this awesome, 1L portable cardboard carton, like a big juice box, and it keeps forever in the fridge. So you can have 1 glass/day and it will last the whole week. It's really good and it's only $6.99.

Hey Mambo Sultry Red from Don Sebastiani and Sons. This wine is so so good, and it is ten bucks a bottle. It's just delicious. I got a whole case at Andronico's awhile back.

Also by this group, but slightly more expensive (I think $12.99 at Faletti's) is the Plungerhead Zin [I had the Lodi vintage. Yes, you read that right]. Awesome buy for the price.

Now go and enjoy your wine according to FDA guidelines. Post suggestions if you have them!


Trimbo said...

Ok here you go Courtney. I'm going to share with you the best <=$17 wines Erica and I know. All available at Safeway.

* Louis Martini Napa Valley Cab - $17.
* Alexander Valley Cab - $13.
* Kenwood Merlot - $9
* BV Coastal Cab - $7
* Beringer Cab - $7
* Concannon Merlot/Assemblage/Cab - $5

Clong said...

Thanks Chris! I am a fan of the BV Coastal. Am really curious about that Concannon $5 wine. . .

margie said...

We had this really decent sparkly (sparkly rose to boot)