Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Remodel Progress Report: Week 6

So close. . .yet so far away. Things are at a standstill until the granite fabricators can get the countertops in here. They won't measure or put you on the schedule until the cabinets are fully installed (which was done at Week 4). The templates are complete, there's a little drama about the island piece, but if all goes well they will install on 11/5. Once the granite is in, the appliances, hardware, and tile can be installed, and we'll hopefully have a working kitchen by 11/9.

First, a view of the (almost) finished cabinets.

Next, today's view: drywall is sanded (notice the plastic covering everything, apparently that shit is DUSTY), walls ready to be painted. Despite the plastic, you can get a good sense for how the room is going to look when its finished.

Here's where the hood will be. The contractor did a nice job of covering up the pipe [that would be a soffit, your construction term for the day]. There's a view of the little chimney through the skylight.

Views from the living room--island and dining room.

The drywall in the bedroom is also finished, and they are supposed to start on the floors down there tomorrow. This will involve the use of a .22 caliber nail gun to drive the plywood into the concrete floor base in the media room. The dogs (and neighbors) are going to love that!!!

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