Saturday, March 15, 2008

Moooovin. . . onto the Interweb

I know everyone hates those Star 101 billboards, but my best friend Julie Gahan is guest-starring on the waayyyy better 99.7 website.

You know 99.7--they play the shit we used to dance to at our Burlingame bars back in the day (by which I mean the 90's). Well, Julie is living proof that people do win radio contests, and get free food and DJ meet and greets. Yay Julie!

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Trimbo said...

I like that the party at Gastroenterology Consultants of the Peninsula includes the biggest tin of baked beans ever seen. I think that might have been the joke with the one baked bean on the plate. +1 to Movin 99.7 and your friend Julie. Did they share food with the patients?

Glad to see Elephant Bar made the list of Burlingame Bars. That place is so awesome it makes me want to cry.